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As part of the Friends of Preston Lodge network, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the school. Find out more below


The Friends of Preston Lodge network organises and runs many events and initiatives in the school. Get in touch to find out about all the volunteering opportunities available, which include:

Helping out in the school garden
Supporting at a fundraising event
Providing one to one reading support for current pupils
Working in the school library
Organising a school year reunion
Helping out at Breakfast Club
Lending your professional expertise at a school career event
Helping out at one of our sports clubs

If you would like to volunteer your time to any of these initiatives, please sign up to become a member and get in touch with Julie Lowe, Head of Development on:


All funds raised via the Friends of Preston Lodge network are invested back in to Preston Lodge High School to advance the learning opportunities, health and well-being of its current pupils.

To donate to the Friends of Preston Lodge network, simply click on the link below or send a cheque payable to ‘Preston Lodge Learning Foundation’ to the following address: Julie Lowe, Head of Development, Preston Lodge Learning Foundation, Preston Lodge High School, Park View, Prestonpans, EH32 9QJ.

To date, funds have gone towards:

The School Garden

The project started in the summer of 2016 with the aim of creating a new kitchen garden to grow produce for use in the Home Economics department and to create a garden area to be enjoyed by the entire school community.

School Breakfast Club

Every day, the school opens up its breakfast club for any pupils arriving early who have not had breakfast before coming to school. Completely free of charge for all pupils, not only does this give them a healthy start to the day but it also provides a space for socialising during the school day.

New school library

The newly refurbished School Library offers a welcoming, supportive, and secure learning environment for all Preston Lodge pupils. Materials support both curricular and recreational needs of students and staff to develop and foster a positive attitude to independent, lifelong learning.

Community Fund

The Preston Lodge Community Fund provides financial help with the cost of schooling, offering financial support to those who need it, breaking down barriers to learning. This can include contributions towards the cost of things like school trips, subject resources, and school uniform. Applications can be made by students, families, staff and members of the wider community.

Columba 1400 Leadership Academy, Isle of Skye

This Leadership Academy helped create a culture where younger students feel much more confident as leaders and are able to take forward pieces of work which will make a difference to the school and its wider community. The academy has helped our young people fully understand what it means to be a leader, what leadership is, what their personal values are and ways they can improve the school. Sixteen students took part this year and are now planning projects they are taking forward as part of their Columba 1400 experience.

PL Online Shop

The purchase of a new laser cutter for our CDT department has enabled students to see the potential in setting up a new on-line school shop. Students will design and produce a range of products using the new equipment and make them available on-line via the Friends of Preston Lodge Website. More information to follow as this exciting project develops.

Corporate Support

Does your employer have a CSR policy? Do they offer you the opportunity to volunteer at a charity of your choice for a day? Why not volunteer your time and business expertise by spending a day at Preston Lodge High School.

Read how Gary Park, who volunteered on our 3 day residential trip to Lagganlia, supporting first year students alongside teachers, did just that here:

“I was very impressed by all the teachers on the trip and in the way they applied themselves and showed genuine care and thought for the wellbeing and happiness of all the children involved. They all demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism, sprinkled with pragmatism, patience and no shortage of humour. Personally, I enjoyed the experience very much and it was a unique opportunity to work with young people again and to help guide, cajole and support them in their activities whether that was the outdoor variety or in the ‘reflection’ sessions. I would recommend others volunteers participate should the opportunity arise and I would do so again without hesitation.”

Get in touch with Julie Lowe on to discuss potential corporate partnerships.

Leave a legacy through the gift of education

By leaving a charity legacy in your will to our registered charity, Preston Lodge Learning Foundation, you can help us to enhance educational experiences for the children in our community. Your gift will ensure that more children are able to engage in extra- curricular activities and projects that help them reach their full potential.

How does it work?

There are several ways you can leave a legacy gift in your will:

  • Residuary gift – after all your family and friends have been provided for, you may choose to donate part or all of what is left.
  • Cash gift – you may donate a set sum of money to charity in your will
  • A specific gift – you may choose to donate a specific asset such as jewelry, a first edition book, or anything you think may be of value.

Get in touch

If you have any further questions about leaving a legacy, please contact Julie Lowe on 01875 8111 70 option 1 (Ext 265) or

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